Manufacturing the "Liberty Advantage"

Being experts in the field requires attention to many details. After our sales staff assesses our customers’ needs, and our design team mock up the creative direction of each project, it’s our crew of cross-trained quality-certified fabricators who bring each concept to life.

Put your ideas on display

With all our sales & fabrication done in-house in our 30,000 sq. ft. facility located in Blaine, Minnesota, we utilize advanced software, proprietary equipment, and a wide range of cutting edge processes to respond to our customers diverse project needs. If you have an idea to put on display, Liberty Display Group can help you take it from there.

While new hardware and computer technologies have benefitted our design processes, as well as inventory management, pricing, distribution and more, our fabrication team is still bending, forming and constructing our products much the same way we did when we began, by hand and with tried-and-true American built machinery.

Production Services offered at Liberty Display


We cut our materials with high quality, and tight tolerance computerized CNC-panel saws.

CNC Routing

Our heavy duty Heian CNC routers allow us to cut intricate shapes in various plastics with exceptional tolerances and repeatability.

Screen Printing & Direct Digital Printing

Liberty can print your displays & signs with either silk screen printing, or with direct digital printing for 4C process appearance.

Solvent Welding

Is the technique we utilize to weld or glue acrylic together to achieve a clear, but exceptionally strong bond between components.


To make crisp and precise bends, we designed and built our own line of water-cooled and heated bending machinery to do the trick.

Flame Polishing

When a product calls for a smooth and shiny jewel-like finish, we utilize our acrylic flame polishing technique for the ideal look.

Fulfillment & Distribution

Whether installing and displaying customer products, assembling instructions, mounting hardware or more, whatever requests our customers need fulfilled and distributed, we take care of it.

Machinery & Software Technologies