Why Every Retail Employee Should Be Using Face Shields20200905194920

Why Every Retail Employee Should Be Using Face Shields

libertydisplaySeptember 5, 20200 comments
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a term that every industry is getting used to hearing. With today’s pandemic circumstances and businesses looki...
Information on New Products20200514174909

Information on New Products

Katie ThunstromMay 14, 20200 comments
As states begin to slowly reopen, we expect there will be suggestions and/or new requirements for businesses that deal with face-to-face Customer Serv...
Notice: An Update On Liberty Display Group Operations20200415185140

Notice: An Update On Liberty Display Group Operations

libertydisplayApril 15, 20200 comments
As of Wednesday, April 8th, we are fully operational, and as of today we have been able to avoid any issues with the coronavirus. However, we are seei...
Screen-Printing vs. Digital-Printing20190704180314

Screen-Printing vs. Digital-Printing

When you are looking at designing a Custom Display or Fixture, you may also decide that you want to put your brand on that item. This is a very common...
Custom Manufacturing = Custom Service20190424120008

Custom Manufacturing = Custom Service

libertydisplayApril 24, 20190 comments
Liberty Display Group (LDG) is a Custom Plastic and Acrylic Display Manufacturing company. Over the years as our reputation for quality products has g...
Which Clear Plastic Should Be Used For Your Display?20181212120046