Choosing the Right Edge Finishing for Your Acrylic Products

When working with acrylic productsedge finishing is an important step to consider. There are a few options you have available and choosing the right one can be extremely important. A good portion of the decision comes down to the specifics of how the product will be used. Also, depending on the finish you choose, there could be some cost savings or cost additions to the product.  

The three main edge finish options you have are Saw CutPolished and Beveled. Each option has its positives and negatives, but the main decision on which option you take depends entirely on how the product being made will be used. 

About Saw Cut Edge Finishing

saw cut edge is the standard for when cutting Acrylic. This option of an edge finish is by far the least expensive option when it comes to the overall price of your product. When considering a saw cut edge, you need to think about how your product is being used. If you anticipate people grabbing something out of your display or handling the product on a regular basis, saw cut is most likely not your best option. Yes, it will be the cheaper option, but a piece of acrylic with a saw cut edge is typically somewhat sharp to the touch. If the acrylic product you are having made won’t be regularly touched by a bare hand, it is a great way to save some money on your product without compromising on the look.   

About Flame Polishing

Cutting acrylic can leave lines and rough or sharp edges. So, when a product is in the need for shiny jewel-like finish, utilizing flame polishing techniques can achieve a smooth finished surface. The level of the finish achieved through flame polishing is heavily dependent on the skill of the operator. At Liberty, we pride ourselves in the experts we have that honed their skills to perfect this precision-based process.  

Flame polishing is a great option when you are looking for a clean and professional look. Again, depending on how the product will be used and handled, flame polishing will give you that clean and professional look at a cost that still fits most budgets, while being completely safe to handle on a regular basis.  

About Beveling

There are multiple beveling techniques, but the overall idea is that the edge finish of your product has some kind of “rounded” edge. Beveling is typically another way to soften the edge finish for the sake of safety, wear resistance or aesthetics. The most common styles of beveling include “Top & Bottom”, “Top Round” and “45 degree”. Each one of these styles takes the acrylic sheet and rounds the sharp saw cut edge. This style is commonly seen on desks, countertops, cabinets, barriers, displays and items that will be handled or touched on a regular basis. As with Flame Polishing, there is an added cost to this style of edge finish, but it is typically a less expensive process. 

Choosing the Right Edge Finish for Your Product

There is a lot to consider when you are deciding on the edge finish of your acrylic products. How will they be used is the best place to start when making your decision. If you are unsure on the best edge finish for your product, contact the experts at Liberty Display Group about your next project and let us help you make the right choice for your products! 

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