Creating a High-End Retail Display Using Acrylic as a Base Material

Retail displays come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, you name it. Whether you are trying to advertise new products, boost sales, or simply create a better shopping experience for customers, having custom retail displays is one of the best ways to do it. While the material options for these types of displays are numerous, a major choice is acrylic. 

Acrylic is often used as a base material for retail displays for many reasons. 


Acrylic is a durable option for retail displays that create a high-end look. Rather than using glass, which can be prone to shattering upon impact, acrylic makes for a suitable replacement that maintains a transparent, sophisticated look for retail displays. 


Acrylic can be fabricated into a variety of shapes and sizes, creating a completely custom display that is made for any products. This customization also allows for displays to be made that fit the design aesthetic of a space and the brand of the retail establishment. 

Acrylic can be cut, bent, welded, and polished, all of which are much more cost efficient to do when compared to glass. While glass and metal can be fabricated into a variety of custom displays, the fabrication process is generally much more involved, time-consuming, and complicated. More time means higher costs for finishing a project. 


On top of the time (cost) saved during fabrication, acrylic itself is also much cheaper to manufacture than glass, metal, and many other materials commonly used in retail displays. Acrylic can be purchased in sheets from manufacturers and cut to fit any project, all with little to no material waste. 

In most cases, you will find acrylic to be a very cost-effective material to use for your retail display. 

Other Benefits of Using Acrylic Include:

  • Multiple thicknesses and color options 
  • Variable printing options for logos, images, text, etc. 
  • Lightweight: acrylic displays are far easier to ship and move around a store than metal or glass 
  • Edge finishing: using flame polishing, the edge of acrylic can be smoothed out to create a very refined and professional look 

Work with the Right Fabricator

The most important part of creating a high-end acrylic display for your retail store is to work with a fabricator who has experience working with the material. Better yet, work with a partner who specializes in fabricating POP displays, fixtures, signage, and other displays common in a retail store. At Liberty Display Group, we have been working with retail companies for decades, helping them design, build, and create custom displays that give their stores a high-end look at a great price. 

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