Custom Features Every Retail Display Needs

Retail companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. In todays world, you have to find a way to stand out and be different. Why do your customers shop at your store and not the others that sell similar items? A lot goes into that reason but having custom retail display fixtures that showcase your products is one of the main ways to accomplish that goal.  

Custom displays help bring about that “wow” factor. Having your products be visually aesthetic can draw a lot more attention and bring your company more sales in the process. There are many different ways you can customize your displays and below are just a few: 

Add Your Logo

Adding your logo to a display is another way of getting your branding in front of the consumer. As a company, you want to become extremely recognizable to your customer base and the more opportunities to get your logo in front of them the better. 

Add a Sign Holder

If you are looking to be able to interchange a sign that goes with your display, no problem! You can easily add custom acrylic sign holders to your displays. It is very common for a custom display to have a custom sign holder. It allows you to continue to use the same display for multiple different occasionssuch as holidays or any kind of promotion you might be running. 

Custom Colors

Your displays do not have to be basic white, black or clear. Although those colors are the most common for displays, you can have your display stand out with multiple different color options.  

Customized Sizing

When working with a custom display fabricator, you can have your display be custom fit to your exact sizing specifications. No matter how big or how small you want or need your display to be, working with a custom manufacturer gives you the opportunity to completely choose the dimensions of your display. 

Customized Edge Finishing

Depending on the kind of display you are having made, you have multiple edge finish options: saw cut, bullnose and polished are the three most common finishes you can have. Working with custom manufacturers allows you to choose what edge finish is best for your product.  

Work with the Right Company

Working with a custom display manufacturer (like Liberty Display Group) truly allows you to make your idea come to life. From adding your logo to picking an eye-catching color scheme or choosing the exact size display to fit your specific need. Custom retail displays allow your business to stand out from the competition. Contact Liberty Display Group today and get started on making your display come to life! 


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