Designing Effective Window Displays that Bring Customers In

Unless you have the name recognition of Target, there are two things that will draw customers into your retail establishment: the sign and the window display. Effective windows displays are the ultimate impulse section for customers, not only because they can make sales right away, they can also entice customers to walk through your doors and purchase more, potentially even making them a regular customer in the future. 

In short, your window display can be a make or break for your business, which is why a lot of thought should be put into building a custom display that is not only vibrant, but effective. 

Be Acutely Aware of Who You Are Targeting

Before you even begin to design or build a window display, it’s essential to create a profile of the type of customer you are trying to attract and why. Know and understand your audience so that you can most effectively market your products to them. What is important to them? What would make them stop and look? Better yet, what would make them more interested in entering your store? 

Place the Most Important Items at Eye Level

A person’s eyes tend to be fixed forward while they are walking. Every once in a while, they will glance around at their surroundings. This means that you have seconds (or less) to catch their attention. Placing the most important and enticing items at the average eye level (generally 44” off the floor) gives you the greatest chance of grabbing someone’s attention as they move past your store. 

Keep the Items Center Stage

Displays should be vibrant, and can even be colorful, but the items they are showcasing need to be center stage. It’s not common for a customer to enter a store because they like the look of the display itself; it’s the items that bring them in. Keep the focus on the items you are selling, and let the display highlight them and bring out their best qualities. 

Choose the Right Materials

Every window display is exposed to a large amount of direct sunlight, which can damage the display over time. Many plastic materials and colors will fade over time when left in direct sunlight, but some materials have higher UV resistance than others. When you select a material for your display, consult with the manufacturer regarding which types of materials hold up best throughout prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

Light it Up

When the sun goes down, so does the attractiveness of your display. Unless your store closes at sunset every day, you’ll want customers continuing to walk through the door all the way up until you lock your doors for the night. Lighting a display is the key to keeping it looking its best day and night. LED lighting can be incorporated into customs store displays, or you can invest in more permanent lighting above and around the windows in your store. 

Don’t Overstock it

Cluttered displays not only make it harder to stop and admire certain items, it can also cause anxiety in passing potential customers. Your window display is but a small glimpse into your store, and keeping it messy tells people that shopping in your store will not be a pleasant experience. Pay careful attention to how many products you are putting on display so as not to overwhelm potential customers. 


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