Frequently Asked Questions


The plastic materials we use the most are Acrylic, PETG, HIPS, Komatex, Polycarbonate, ABS.

That will depend on what your project and budget needs. Call to discuss more.

While these are sometimes confused, they are completely different plastic materials.
Sintra or Komatex are both an Expanded PVC, and Styrene is a High Impact Poly Styrene.

To visit the manufacturer’s web sites for more info. (we’ll send you links)

While both are clear plastics, and commonly confused, they are completely different materials.

Actually, when you are comparing “pound to pound pricing” PETG is a bit more costly than Acrylic. Oftentimes an item can be made out of PETG using a thinner gauge, which allows us to provide a more cost-effective finished product.

The Durability difference comes down to the chemical composition of the 2 materials. PETG is a bit more durable than Acrylic, but Acrylic has better clarity and more of a classy, high end appearance.

We aren’t chemist’s but we’ll help you decide the best for your display application!

Yes, lets discuss your project to get an idea of what your needs are, and we can send a couple samples of materials that may fit your needs best.


Yes! We normally work quick sketches for preliminary ideas & concepts. Once an item is quoted, and we are moving forward we will then provide a CAD drawing as the first step in the prototyping process.

Yes, LED lights have become much more cost effective, and can really make your display pop!


Yes, about 35-40 % of our products are decorated, or printed. You can have your display either Silk screen printed or direct digital printed. The materials we use, and the artwork you provide will dictate which of these methods is used.

That depends! We can help with the simple ends of things, but your graphic designer would be your best bet to be sure your brand is properly presented.


Most quotes are confirmed back to you in 24-48 hours.

Yes, we have daily UPS, Fed EX, and LTL truck services. We can ship to 1, or to hundreds of locations.

Most of our made to order products are produced and shipped in a 2-4 week time from order.

We do everything in house. LDG is proud to be a “Made in the USA” company.

We don’t have any stock items. LDG specializes made to order, or custom-made products.

Not necessarily. We can help you design a display that not only fits exactly what you need, but we can tailor it to meet your budget. You’re also not paying for storage and inventory of a stock item.

Most of the time, we can replicate. If it’s a fabricated item, with either a print or a sample to follow, we can duplicate an existing item.

Most customers either set up a line of credit by supplying us with basic bank & trade references, or pay via Credit card. Ask your Sales person for details, and to help get you started.

We help with this frequently. Let your salesperson know your timeframes, and we’ll get to work!

Office 8-4:30 M to Thurs, 8-2:30 Fridays. Shipping/Receiving is 7-3 M to Thurs, 7-2 Fridays.