How Effective Product Displays Encourage Impulse Buys

No matter the retail store, encouraging your customers to make impulse buys is a great way to improve your average sales per customer. There are many ways to go about encouraging impulse buys throughout your store.  

Choose the Right Products

Choosing the right product to encourage, placing those products in the exact spot needed to increase visibility and grab the customers attentionand how you display those products are just a few important ways to increase impulse buys. You want to show the customer that the impulse buy is of great value and it only make sense to make that extra purchase.  

Product Placement Matters

Choosing the right product and product placement go hand-in-hand for increasing impulse buys. Whether that means you place lower priced products next to the checkout lines or near your most high demand items. Both of those are great ways to gain more sales. Catching the eye of your customer on an item they weren’t originally planning to purchase is key. This is why you consistently see pop (soda), water, gum and candy displayed on point of purchase displays near checkout lines. Those items are also placed throughout the store, but you are more likely to just quickly grab one at the checkout than you are to go down an aisle and contemplate if you should buy an entire pack or case. Those individual items require little consideration and make it an easy decision. 

How They Are Displayed Encourages Impulse Buys

How you display impulse buy products can be one of the more important decisions you make. Not every impulse buy is like buying a pack of gum at the checkout line. Sometimes you are trying to “pair” an item to one of your more popular items, but you may need to draw more attention to it. Utilizing a specific display case or point of purchase display can be a great way to increase a products visibility. A sock display next to your best-selling shoes or a glove oil display next to your baseball gloves are all added-value, impulse buys! Adding retail signage to those displays can also get customers to pay more attention as they are shopping. Creating a sense of urgency can have a positive impact on impulse buys. So, utilizing signs that show a “SALE” or “LIMITED TIME OFFER” or “TODAY ONLY” can grab the attention needed to gain additional purchases 

Light it Up

Another way to draw more attention to your impulse buy items is adding lights to your displays. LED lights are a great option when trying to grab someone’s attention. Lights will differentiate that specific display and product from every other display or product in your store. Finally, the color you choose for your display can make a big impact. If the item you are displaying is already very colorful, there is no need to use colorful material in your display. You might look to use a clear material like acrylic. But, if you are looking to spice up your display, adding bold and bright colors can help create the feeling you are looking to present. 

Customize Your Displays

Impulse buys equal added sales. Don’t let a lack of effective product displays prevent you from cashing in! If you have an idea on how you would like to display your impulse buy products, that’s great! Liberty Display Group might have the exact display you are looking for. If not, no problem at all, let the experts at Liberty Display Group assist you in creating the exact custom display you are looking for! Contact us today.