How to Effectively Use Literature Holders at Your Business

Business literature, from sales and promotional sheets to technical data and restaurant menus, is a vital part of marketing and selling products and services. Whether you are a retail store looking to share information on products or a business trying to educate potential clients about the industry and the services you provide, these hard-copy handouts can be the deciding factor in making a sale.  That’s what makes literature holders so valuable to any business; they provide customers with vital point of sale information even when no employee is available.  

While this may seem like a simple marketing concept, there’s more to using literature holders than simply putting them on display. In order to get the most out of these valuable marketing tools, follow these tips. 

Placement Matters

Where you place your literature holders within your establishment matters. Proper placement is the difference between literature being seen and used as opposed to having it collect dust in a corner. 

For retail settings, the best places to display literature include: 

  • In aisles next to the products they correspond with 
  • At checkout counters 
  • In entryways 
  • Outside (right next to the door) 
  • At check out and customer service counters 
  • On aisle end caps 

If you work in a commercial office, the best places to display literature include: 

  • At the front desk  
  • In entryways 
  • Outside (right next to the door) 
  • In waiting rooms 
  • At local businesses (build of a local network of businesses who will help you crossmarket your products or services by displaying your literature at their place of business 

Wherever you place them, make sure not to drown them out with other signage, products, art, and other visual elements that can draw attention away from the literature. The less that is around them, the more likely they will be to catch the attention of customers. 

Add Some Color

One of the benefits of working with acrylic and other clear materials is that they are easy to print on and hold color very well. This allows you to get creative with the colors and designs that you use. Creating eye-catching designs complemented by accents of color can quickly draw the eyes of passing customers who may not be actively seeking pamphlets and other types of literature. 

Light it Up

LED lighting can be incorporated into literature holders and other types of custom acrylic displays. Since the materials are clear, they easily allow light to shine through them, calling attention to the information you are providing. This is especially helpful if there is little or no natural light in your place of business, or if the area is otherwise not well lit. 


Custom literature holders can be the key to selling your products and services. Let us help you design the right solution. Get in touch with the display experts at Liberty Display Group today!