Implementing Sign Holders at Bars and Restaurants

Due to COVID-19, Bars and Restaurants have had a lot of major changes to their regular day-to-day business. Many businesses have struggled with not knowing how or when they could re-open. With COVID-19 still playing a major role in our communities, rules and regulations are constantly changing. Capacity, number of employees, business hours, seating and much more are just to name a few.

How Bars and Restaurants Adapt

Businesses want to be open and they want to serve their loyal customers. Many bars and restaurants are family run businesses that have a very loyal customer base. These businesses have been one of the hardest hit due to COVID-19. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in re-opening and accommodating the new regulations put in place. Adding seating outside, implementing Plexi Barriers to the Bars and in between booths. Spacing out their table. Taking away ketchup and mustard bottles and bringing out individual packets. Replacing handheld menus (that are constantly touched by new people) with QR Codes. Adding signs that specify when a table is clean and sanitized for the customers safety.

Implementing Different Styles of Sign Holders

The general public is getting used to the new way of going to bars and restaurants. Waits might be longer (because of capacity reasons). You have to ask for certain condiments as they are not just out at the table anymore. Sitting outside might be easier to get into the restaurant quicker. But, one change that has been consistent all around is implementing QR Codes for menus and adding “Sanitized” signs at each table and bar. For QR Codes, a lot of places are using a sticker that gets placed on the table or bar. These are great, but they often get scratched, ripped, spilt on or torn. You constantly have to replace them. Implementing Sign Holders for your QR Codes and “Sanitized” Signs are a great way to keep your Bar and Restaurant looking professional, while assuring your customers of the safety measures you are following.

Multiple Styles of Sign Holders

Not every business is the same… Luckily, there are different styles of Sign Holders:

  1. T-Style
  2. Easel
  3. C-Shape (Wall or Table) Mounted


All of these options are made with Acrylic or PETG. These are great for any business to use as they are easy to clean, they are durable, inexpensive and come in many different color options. They provide a professional look, while keeping the safety of your customers the number one priority. Implementing sign holders also offers your company to add extra branding. You can easily add your logo at an affordable cost.

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