Liberty Display Group Welcomes Erik!

Liberty Display Group is excited to welcome Erik Hendricks to the Inside Sales team!

Erik graduated from Winona State University in 2015 with a Major in Mass Communications – Public Relations and a Minor in Coaching. Before Liberty Display Group, he had the pleasure of working for Zebra Athletics, Escape Room Live and On-Site Companies. He wore many hats with these companies, but mostly worked on promotional items, advertisements, social media, events, customer support and branding.

He has had many great experiences during his young professional career, but a few stand out: At Zebra Athletics, he was fortunate to take over the social media platforms and have free will to do what he thought was best. Within his first year, he was able to grow the Instagram account from 200 followers, to over 4,000 followers. This was a huge goal of his, so he was thrilled by the results. Erik has been a fan of MMA for a long time which is the prime audience that Zebra markets towards – Martial Art, MMA and Yoga owners. Because of this, they partner with major gyms that have professional fighters in them. Erik was able to meet and create advertising materials for some of the biggest names in the UFC. After moving to Washington DC, Erik was able to work with Escape Room Live, who had partnered with a local Con called “NovaCon”. While working with Escape Room Live, Erik was able to work side-by-side with some of the cast from the Netflix show “Stranger Things”, and be a guest judge for a “Stranger Things” themed costume contest (which he says was incredibly cool to be a part of).

“I am extremely excited to join Liberty Display Group and have the opportunity to grow into this new career. We have a great team put together here at LDG and I look forward to learning everything I possibly can and contributing to the companies continued success.” – Erik


Fun Facts About Erik:

  • I am a stockholder of the Green Bay Packers with family season tickets
  • Played sports my entire life (starting with golf at the age of 3 and played baseball through college)
  • I have been a part of multiple competitive singing groups (including choirs, show-choirs, and acapella groups… have sang on stages in New York, Chicago, Branson, Carnival Cruise ship, and Italy… including in the Vatican).


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