Retail Display LED Lighting Tips

Adding LED lighting to a retail displays and fixtures is a great way to enhance your product selection, draw the eyes of passing customers, and increase sales. This type of lighting not only increases the appeal of your products, it can also set the mood in your store, guide shoppers towards key areas, and keep customers focused on the products you want them to purchase. 

Thankfully, LED lighting has become far more common, which has made the additional design feature much more affordable and easier to incorporate into most retail displays. If you are considering adding LED lighting to your display, here are a few things you should consider. 

How Does this New Lighting Fit in with Your Store’s Lighting?

Consider where the display or fixture will be placed in your store and how this new lighted area will fit in with the more permanent lighting that already exists in that area. The LED lighting on your display will inevitably act as “accent lighting” in the space, so make sure it does not contrast with the permanent “ambient lighting” of the space. As a general rule of thumb, make sure the ambient lighting in the area where the display will be placed is lower than usual. This will allow the accent LED lighting provided by the display to adequately draw the attention of customers to your products. 

Understand the Conversion to Lumens

LED lighting is measured in lumens, rather than wattage. The more lumens an LED light has, the more light it will provide to the area. If you are used to using wattage for lighting, here are a few quick conversions from incandescent lighting (wattage) to LED lighting (lumens): 

  • 40 watts = 450 lumens 
  • 60 watts = 800 lumens 
  • 75 watts = 1100 lumens 
  • 110 watts = 1600 lumens 

Get the Color Right

Do you want your products to appear cool or warm? The LED lighting you choose will cast a different light on what it is illuminating. This is known as Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). The CCT level of your lighting will make products appear in a different light and is measured in Kelvins (K). The most natural lighting will appear between 3600 and 5000K. Kelvins lower than 3600 make light appear warmer, while Kelvins greater than 5000 make light appear cooler. Playing with a color’s temperature can have significant effects on many products, particularly jewelry. 


Liberty Display Group can help you work LED lighting into any display or store fixture. Get in touch with our experts today to start your design.


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