Screen-Printing vs. Digital-Printing

When you are looking at designing a Custom Display or Fixture, you may also decide that you want to put your brand on that item. This is a very common practice in the Display Manufacturing Industry and we see it in at least half of the projects we work on. The good news is you can do this on almost every plastic material we work with! There are always some caveats (depending on the project and specific item), but in general, branding your custom item is possible… and recommended! The last thing you want is to put the time, effort and money into a display or fixture and then have it be used for products other than your own. Branding your Custom Displays is a fantastic way to not only ensure your products are showcased, but also a way to advertise your brand! The more brand awareness you can create (in any industry), the more successful you will be.

When it comes down to Displays and Fixtures, there are two main ways of printing: Screen-Printing and Digital-Printing. Both have their benefits (which is why they are both still used), but depending on the material being used, vibrance wanted, cost expectations and quantities… one style may be a better fit.

Screen-Printing is the more traditional style of printing. This is used in multiple applications and is still the most common practice. Screen-Printing is more cost-effective for larger run orders. The setup is more detailed and has more steps, but this makes the overall process more efficient. During the Screen-Printing process, a stencil is used that applies layers of ink on the material surface. Each color uses a different stencil and it is done one at a time to eventually achieve the final print. Even with the advancements in technology (Digital-Printing), Screen-Printing is still the best option for designs that require “high levels of vibrancy”. You will get a much deeper and brighter color from Screen-Printing because it is layered thicker on the material.

Digital-Printing is a much newer form of printing. It is becoming more and more popular as this specific technology advances. Because this style of printing is digital, it is a much better option for “small run” projects. The setup for Digital-Printing has fewer steps than its counterpart. The process is completely different as there are no “screens” or stencils used. Digital-Printing is more or less using a printer to press the ink of the entire design directly onto the material. It also applies the ink thinner than Screen-Printing does, which allows for a much more detailed and “tight” finish.

Both styles of printing have their pro’s/con’s, but no matter what, they will both produce high quality graphics. They just have different methods to achieve the same goal… Branding your new Custom Displays and Fixtures that you received from your friends at Liberty Display Group!

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