What Makes Acrylic a Good Choice for Retail Displays and Signage?

You have multiple different options when trying to decide what you will make your retail displays and signage out of. You can go with different kinds of plastic, wood, glass or even metal. A good part of your decision is based on your specific situation. Particularly which kinds of products will be displayed, where your products will be displayed and the kind of sign you are looking to create. One of the more popular choices you can make is to utilize acrylic. Acrylic has a wide range of benefits that just might make your retail display or signage decisions easier. 

What Makes Acrylic the Ideal Choice?

Acrylic is a very versatile and durable plastic. It is often used in place of glass because of its durability, while still offering transparency and a smooth finish. Because of its “glass-like” qualities, it offers a very professional and attractive look, but with a much lower risk of breaking or cracking. Acrylic also allows for multiple different options to choose from. It comes in different thicknesses and many different transparent colors (although clear acrylic is definitely the most common). Acrylic is the perfect material to choose when you are looking to add any kind of graphic to a sign or display.  

It’s Easy to Print on

An acrylic surface is very easy to print on and allows you to make sure the colors are exactly as needed. Printing on acrylic has become extremely common and can create very vivid imagery. So, if you are making a sign for your company or designing a display for your products, adding your logo to clear acrylic will offer a very professional and attractive look. 

Make Sure Your Displays Stand Out

With how competitive today’s retail market is, standing out from the competition is key. Creating awareness of your brand with a professional look can be the difference maker. Acrylic offers a unique combination of customization, durability and professionalism so you can design exactly what you are looking for. Nothing is “cookie-cutter”, including size, shape, color, printing, etc.  

When you are planning to invest in designing a retail display or retail sign, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Acrylic offers a lightweight, durable and affordable option that can be customized to fit your exact need. If you know exactly what you are looking for, let Liberty Display Group piece together your vision. If you need some help in coming up with ideas on thickness, color, edge finish, logo design and more… the experts at Liberty Display are here to help! Get in touch with us today.