Why Every Retail Employee Should Be Using Face Shields

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a term that every industry is getting used to hearing. With today’s pandemic circumstances and businesses looking to re-open, there are a lot of different types of PPE items being utilized and often required. Retail stores and gas stations are using acrylic barriers at their checkouts. Bars and restaurants are putting up acrylic barriers between booths or on the bar top to separate individual seats. For businesses to remain open and serve the public, they have been given new regulations and must adjust their normal work environment. Almost every business also requires their employees to wear face masks, but one of the main PPE items that should be used at every retail store is the protective face shields. 

The Effectiveness of Face Shields

Face Shields are widely known in the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses and surgeons use them on a daily basisThe face is the most likely part of the body to be contaminated by any kind of spatter of bodily fluids, and face shields have been proven to help. Because of COVID-19, protecting yourself is more important than ever and retail employees have face-to-face contact with new customers daily.  

Acrylic Barriers Help at Checkouts. Face Shields Help Everywhere.

An Acrylic Barrier is great for checkouts. They provide a safe distance between the employee and customer. They also allow you to hand your purchase through the opening in the barrier without having to go around it. This keeps a safe distance and assures that no germs get through a mask. But this is not the only contact that happens between an employee and customer. When walking around a store, employees still come up to the customer and ask if they need help. The best way to protect not only the employee, but the customer would be to wear an acrylic face shield. It has been proven that face masks help keep any kind of mucous spray or spatter to a minimum, but they are not perfect. Having every employee wear a face shield adds extra protection to employees who have a more direct contact with customers.  

Face Shields are Easy to Wear

Face masks are easy for most everyone to wear. They come in many different forms that provide different amounts of protection. Because not every customer at a retail store will have the same style of mask on, implementing the requirement for your employees to wear an acrylic face shield will ensure everyone’s safety. Face shields have different styles as well, but for the most part, they all have an acrylic “visor” or “shield” that protects the entirety of the face. They also typically have a foam strap that provides comfort to your forehead. 

Stay Safe

Nobody knows 100% when things will be able to go back to the regular way of life. Adjusting and adapting is our best option to allow businesses to stay open and for customers to do what they love… shop! Protect your employees and customers by implementing face shields into your business requirements. Face shields are being produced more than ever before. A lot of companies (such as Liberty Display Group) make it easy for you to purchase them by going online and buying right from the website!  


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